Who doesn't know Domburg? The town has a long spa tradition. There are even remains of thermal baths and a bathhouse with hot and cold water baths from Roman times. History as a seaside resort starts in the mid 1800's when two ladies from Middelburg decide to take a sea bath with bathing carriages. The cure was considered as a new healing method. Bathers came for their relaxation but also to take advantage of the clean sea air and the healing power of the sea water.


Dr. Mezger was one of the doctors who had patients treated in Domburg. The honor of this physician still appears in Domburg. Nowadays Domburg is the St. Tropez of Zeeland. Recognized as a seaside resort that meets the quality criteria of the Europäischen Heilbäderverband for Thalassotherapy. Chic shops alternate with small, atmospheric boutiques. Add to that a large selection of terraces and restaurants and a day at Domburg is a success!