In the municipality of Veere, a new parking ordinance has been in force since 2021. In many places it was already compulsory to pay for parking cars. For example in parking lots in Domburg and Veere. In 2021, paid parking spaces will apply for the entire coast (Vrouwenpolder (parking near beaches), Oostkapelle (parking near beaches), Domburg (whole city), Zoutelande (whole city), Dishoek (parking near beaches)). There is one free parking space per accommodation. In most cases this is directly at the booked accommodation. You can find this information on our website. In some cases, the guest can park in a parking lot near the property. To do this, the number plate must be given to our reception team in advance. The colleagues will then ensure that you are given a parking space for the license plate registered with us during your stay.

What if you want to come with multiple cars?

One parking space is available per accommodation. Would you like to come with multiple cars? Then you can always park near your accommodation. Please note that you have to pay a fee per hour or per day. You can see where to park and what prices apply on the Veere Municipality website.

Why can you only park for a fee everywhere?

The day tourist also pays part of the tourist infrastructure through the parking tax. We think that's fair, after all, they enjoy everything Veere has to offer. And with paid parking spaces, we are improving the quality of life in the residential streets. The "search traffic" of tourists on the day of arrival is eliminated, the air in the residential areas is better and the residents themselves have enough space to park. With the additional income from paid parking spaces, we maintain the necessary facilities and can invest in a liveable environment. For example, think of the improvement of the (parking) infrastructure, the maintenance of the beaches, the improvement of the dune crossings and the construction of parking lots and bicycle parking spaces. This is how we keep Veere attractive. " Source: Veere municipality